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Doug Whitfield
Stained Glass Artist
& Instructor
Gretchen Grunt
Multi-Media Artist,
Instructor & Proprietor
Uma Up to Her Elbows
on the Etching Press
Making Monotypes
29 Palms Creative Center & Gallery
6847 Adobe Road
29 Palms, CA  92277
(760) 361-1805

Monday - Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday 10am to 3pm
Art After Dark for Groups

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Doug whitfield stained glass artist
Monkey ga ga
The Creative Center offers a wide variety of
art classes & activities for children, adults &
groups of all sorts.
Our most popular art classes are
Printing Monotypes,
Painting Pottery,
Forming Pottery on the Wheel,
Building Clay Creatures, &
Learning the Basics of Stained Glass.

We also offer Bookmaking,
Tile Mosaic, Customized
Greeting Cards, Painting on
Canvas Boards with
Encaustic, Acrylic or Oil Paints, &
Basic Drawing & Collaging Techniques.

On the Etching Press discover the
Infinite possibilities of printmaking
With Monotypes, Collagraphs,
Linoleum Blocks, Etchings,
Drypoints or Aquatints on Copper Plates.

And if that isn't enough to choose from...
Create a Custom Silkscreen on a T-shirt.
Or if you are handy with the camera...
Transform your image into a fine art print
With the Solar Plate Process!

We have something for everybody!
Contact Gretchen 760 361-1805

The 29 Palms Creative Center & Gallery was born
in the fall of 2003, when proprietress, artist &
educator, Gretchen Grunt, made her life long dream
come true. The Creative Center is open to the public
everyday of the week from 10am to 6pm, Sundays
until 3pm, & by appointment for art after dark.
The art gallery exhibits local talents with jewelry, fabric
art, pottery, stained glass, desert nuances & the
recent art created by the studio artists
who work on the premises.

Gretchen Grunt, Doug Whitfield & guest artists offer art
classes & activities directly out of their studios for the
local or traveling art adventurer. Over the last decade,
amazing children, adults & groups of all sorts have
participated in a wide range of art making activities.
Choose from a wide selection of ready to paint cups,
plates, tiles & tons of figurines. Painting pottery is a
great activity for birthday parties at any age!

Looking for a uniquely inspiring place to celebrate a
birthday party or girls night out?
The Creative Center enjoys hosting art parties
for any occasion. Bring Food & libations,
while we provide the tables, chairs & the art
activity for everybody. Plan an art party
with your host, Gretchen Grunt
at 760 361-1805.

Multi-Media Artist & Instructor,

Stained Glass Repairs, Designs & Instructor,
"Under the shadow of the northern hills mac of Joshua Tree National Park, nestled amidst the benign palm trees of the Oasis of Mara, mac proprietress Gretchen Grunt has set up a multi-purpose gallery, shop, studio complex, showroom, and best of all, classroom, for the art-minded {adventurer}."
-Mark Hornish, LA Deserts Travel Examiner

In collaboration with the 29 Palms Inn:
"The Creative Center is founded on
the premise that the creative spirit is
an integral part of our spiritual and
social paths in life. A loving and non-
judgmental art studio environment
is one of our primary goals."
29 Palms Inn

Watch an Interview with mac Gretchen:
Eye on the Desert

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